Type de production: Production minoritaire


Young fisherman Fettah has befriended many of the European windsurfers that visit his tiny village on the Moroccan Atlantic coast every summer. He has eagerly adopted their way of life and has become an amazing windsurfer himself, using old equipment the tourists left behind. When his European friends leave, they leave behind an unbearable emptiness and Fettah often finds himself dreaming of a life far away.


One summer, Fettah falls in love with Alexandra, a Dutch girlfriend of one of the tourists. He knows she is out of reach, yet when she leaves something is broken beyond repair. His beautiful village feels like an inescapable prison.


The human spirit however, often shines most brightly in its darkest hour, and the loss of Alexandra finally gives Fettah the strength to break free. He packs his backpack, takes his windsurf board and sets off on an epic journey along the Atlantic coast towards Europe. As the wind carries him north, past Casablanca and out onto the wild and merciless open ocean, he finds that the pursuit of dreams does not come without sacrifice.


  • Fettah Lamara
  • Thekla Reuten
  • Mohamed Majd


L’affiche du film


Équipe technique

Scénario et Réalisation: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Directeur de la photographie : Jasper Wolf
Ingénieur du son: Christian Monheim
Montage: Mona Bräuer
Mixage: Franco Piscopo
Directeur de production: Marianne Lambert

Fiche technique

Producteur: AUGUSTUS FILMS – Bero Beyer (Pays-Bas)
Co-producteur(s): MAN’S FILMS PRODUCTIONS- Marion HÄNSEL (Belgique) – ENDORPHINE PRODUKTION- Fabian Messah (Allemagne) / PROPELLOR FILMS – Jan-Willem van Ewijk (Pays-Bas)
Année de production: 2014
Durée: 94′
Format: DCP
Version originale: Arabe – Français